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Web 2.0 Development

Web 2.0 is identified as the cradle of dynamic pages and information sharing on internet. Over the past few years we have witnessed tectonic shifts in the way people perceive the World Wide Web. Websites are no longer static pages that offer unilateral communication. Users of the online medium today demand interactivity. Web 2.0 addresses this passive information supply and makes it a two-way interaction.

Over the past few years TWM has earned a reputation for designing and developing Web 2.0 applications that render enhanced business value. The TWM professionals develop Web 2.0 applications to conform to the 5 cardinal objectives of any business communication – to listen, to talk, to energize, to support, and to embrace. Your business communicates with your customers, business partners, employees, industry groups, etc. The shape and form of each of this communication would be different. Now although social networking and blogging are the two most widely adopted Web 2.0 platforms, they might not be the most appropriate ones for your communication pattern.

Our company decade long exposure to multiple business domains enables us to understand complex business logic and requirements typical to your business. Based on this understanding we can create social networking websites, wikis, blogs, micro blogs, mash-ups, video sites and podcasts using the Web 2.0 tools.

At TWM we evangelize the theory that having a website is not enough. Your web presence has to be compelling enough to entice your visitors to actively participate. Our Web 2.0 development efforts are targeted towards achieving the highest level of interactivity and engagement from your online visitors. The TWM team portrays your products and services in an attractive manner to convert your leads into potential customers and give you an impressive conversion ratio. TWM has also been at the forefront of Rich Internet Application (RIA) development. We have spearheaded the arena by developing dynamic applications using the latest in AJAX and Flash tools.

Why Web 2.0 Development in TWM?

We carefully test web 2.0 before taking it for any of our client which helps to      build community sites.

We provide high traffic with good return on investment.

Our developers can add or get data using this web service

Security of information and core competencies remain our biggest concern

We provide you with more easier integration as network come closer

Tagging features with the sites help you organize, maintain, and find sites easily

We also provide simple navigation structure, site maps and RSS syndication
     (RSS feed), XML generator for latest content updates and that help you to      subscribe to relevant content

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