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Pay Per Click Marketing - PPC Marketing

We offer quality web services to our customer at moderate prices.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) is based on the idea of paying a search engine to display a small advert within a page of search results for related searches of your choice. PPC allows your website to artificially gain a high visibility & receive traffic; paid placement. The amount that you have to pay to get to the top of the pile (or near to it) will depend upon the number of other advertisers that are bidding against you for the same position; the market decides. In some sectors, such as finance & banking, advertisers will have to pay several pounds per click in order to see their advert on the first page. In specialist niches the same visibility can often be achieved for less than fifty pence per click, but even at this level the click fees soon add up. Your PPC campaign must be well targeted towards relevant search phrases & preferably ones that only a few other advertisers are targeting.

The basis for a successful PPC campaign is to target the right group of search phrases that you want to use to trigger the display of your adverts. Also make sure that your "call to action" is relevant & strong, that your landing page for that phrase is informative & concise, then hopefully you will begin to see conversions coming through. One of the beauties of digital advertising methods is the information that can be collected to measure the performance of any campaign. One of the most significant factors is the Click Through Rate (CTR), which is a measure of the number of times your advert has been displayed (impressions) against the number of times is was clicked on. By monitoring your results a campaign can be "tweaked" & refined to improve the CTR, poor performing phrases can be dropped as other more relevant ones are discovered.

Why us:
  • Keyword Generation - Extensive Research of relevant and customer focused keywords

  • Strategy Formulation – Building unique strategies that improves Sales and Develop Budget

  • Intellectual Advertising – Deeply studying market trends and customer psyches and advertise accordingly.

  • Traffic Tracking – Monitoring traffic results from Google Analytics and then managing ad groups to generate more traffic.

  • Bid Management – Our PPC Experts exhibit in-depth result and research analysis for managing bids in order to adjust with your budget and increase ROI.

  • Landing Page creation - Creating effective and focused landing page for converting more and more visitors into customers.

  • Ad Group Management - Creating convincing Ad groups and Ad Campaigns
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