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Flash/Flex website offers number of benefits in making your website more engaging and interactive. The most important of all is its interactivity. Flash website manifest certain real time engaging animations and presentations that showcase your offering in an illustrative and convincing manner and encourage your visitors to submit their requirements. In addition, Flash offers your website a new look, feel and freshness which cannot be acquired otherwise i.e. in static websites.

We are one of the best Rich Internet Application (RIA) / Flex / Silver light Development teams globally. Specializing in this area we create simple websites to large scale business application to e-governance solution by using some of the latest Rich Internet Technology. Our Rich Internet Application (RIA) services enable organizations to effectively and efficiently communicate with their consumers in a unique manner providing insight to their ideas, products and services giving organization with a definitive competitive edge and allowing them to focus on other core business activities.

Our RIA Competency Centre offers complete web and desktop development solutions for creating and delivering Rich Internet Applications using some of the latest technology. We have rich experience in use of various graphical and multimedia tools which ensure we provide highly intuitive, interactive, unique, engaging, expressive and rich solutions.

Our Flex Services include and not limited to :
  • Web banners.
  • Server-side programming with the usage of PHP, Java or .NET technologies.
  • Integration of flex with third party components.
  • In flash: Import photos, screenshots, Flash clip-arts, animated GIFs and video files.
  • Flash design.
  • Client-side programming.
  • Use of Action-script 2.0 / 3.0 to handle scripting.
  • Internet cartoons.

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