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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an Integrated computer-based system used to manage internal and external resources including tangible assets, financial resources, materials, and human resources. It is a software architecture whose purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders. Built on a centralized database and normally utilizing a common computing platform, ERP systems consolidate all business operations into a uniform and enterprise wide system environment.
Seven Steps in the ERP Process :

Step 1. The Strategic Plan – Providing the Rationale and Making the Business Case

Step 2. Assess the "Readiness" of the Institution – Determining "preparedness" and Achieving Organizational Understanding

Step 3. Prepare for Vendor Selection – Determining your Software Requirements and Documenting your Business Practices

Step 4. Select your ERP Vendors – Choosing Your Technology Partners

Step 5. Plan the Implementation – Preparing for Success

Step 6. Implement the ERP Solution – Working the Plan

Step 7. Post Implementation Assessment – Where are We Now?

S.No. Activity Purpose
1 Strategic Plan Provide the rationale and make the business case for the ERP project
2 Readiness Assessment Determine institutional “preparedness” and achieve organizational understanding of the ERP process
3 Prepare for vendor selection Document business practices and determine software requirements in preparation for vendor selection
4 Vendor Selection Choose your technology partners, both the ERP software and the ERP implementer
5 Plan the implementation Prepare for a successful implementation by developing a comprehensive plan
6 Implement the ERP solution Work the implementation plan; schedule, track and control the hundreds of project tasks
7 Post implementation Assessment Determine if objectives were met and determine the extent of functionality of the software that is being used
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