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Business Email Solutions

In the current scenario, successful business is directly proportional to effective web presence. It is almost mandatory for a business to have its individual email ID so as to augment its growth on the web space. Companies, enterprises or any business setup uses email ID that provides a complete solution that is fully hosted.

Advantages of corporate email solutions:

  • Provides unique identity to your business
  • Wide exposure on the Internet
  • Easy connectivity to the clients
  • Helps to connect different employees or departments at different places

Weblinkindia is a notable Web development entity providing complete web solutions. We offer comprehensive web services ranging from booking of the domain to maintenance of the website after it is launched. With a simple and effective assortment of customizable webmail, email collaboration, and message delivery tools in its portfolio, WeblinkIndia provides services to the business setups and individuals.

The different email services that WeblinkIndia offers are:

  • Personal E-mail Solution
  • Business E-mail Solution
  • Group E-mail Solution
  • E-mail Portal Solution

Business Email Solutions are one of the most sought after services that we offer. We empower the businesses with their separate identity that earns them recognition world over.

Features of Business Email:

  • Access your mail using universally accessible web-based email application or email programs.
  • Your choice of addresses like and domain of your choice.
  • Full support by our email helpdesk staff by our responsive technical support team.
  • 50 mail boxes for this business email offer.
  • 10 MB Storage per Business Email Account to make you tension free about your account to be blocked.
  • If your business increase and you want to increase the size of your account you will get full support from us


We ensure that you acquire a distinct and individualistic identity for yourself

Our services make your business go global

You can avail our Corporate mailing solutions at the most reasonable prices

You have the liberty to choose your own Domain name

We adhere to the strict ethical norms

We value for your money and thus provide efficient corporate mailing services

We ensure that all the required security measures are taken in order to maintain your privacy

Your emails can be sent and received at a faster speed

You can send heavily loaded files without any obstructions

Safety from viruses is ensured

You can monitor and alter your ID or details as per your needs

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