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Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

Social Media Marketing Services includes a varied range of services which can effectively market and promote your company leading to increase in leads, traffic n sales. In today’s world of complex consumer behavior, you need to target and reach the right audience.

Techno Web Mart, Mumbai is an accomplished provider of social media marketing services in Andheri Mumbai India. You could always approach Techno Web Mart for a customized social media marketing package which could contain all or a combination of any of the marketing services required by you

Website Development Services Include :
  • Video Marketing Services
  • Linkedin Profile Creation
  • Brand Management
  • Facebook Profile Creation
  • Twitter Account
  • Blogging
  • Social Bookmarking

Your website will be tackled by a dedicated Social media expert. The social media expert will in consultation with you take up desired activities of the social media campaign and promote your website accordingly within a specified time frame.

Video Marketing – Techno Web Mart offers to develop and promote videos about your products and services. When uploaded and optimized in a suitable ways, these very videos enjoy quality links and better rankings than content rich web pages

Blog Creation and Blogging – Blogs are online form of journal and journal entries. They have made an impressive niche in the web space which is why they are immensely popular. Blogging for a website involves writing catchy and interesting blogs which attract a wider audience while promoting your website as well. Techno Web Mart offers blog creation and blogging activities of your online business. Through blog creation, Techno Web Mart will offer you a blog with suitable look and feel. While with regular posting of quality blog posts, your blog will definitely enjoy a wider audience and quality back links.

Social Bookmarking – Techno Web Mart offers social bookmarking services which are very much preferred by search engines. Social Bookmarking aids in enhancing your web presence, attracting quality backlinks and finally generating web site traffic. Social bookmarking enables people to tag relevant and related information for future use or sharing. Social bookmarking provides direct access to suitable information instead of making the visitor browse through loads of web pages.

Facebook Profile Creation - Techno Web Mart offers to create a corporate Facebook account and profile creation. Facebook is an extremely active and popular social networking site which enjoys a large amount of potential traffic. We, at Techno Web Mart offer to maintain an active Facebook profile which include monitoring and managing the same as well as providing monthly reports regarding the activity enjoyed over it.

Twitter Account – Following the tune of Facebook profile, your business could equally enjoy a Twitter profile. Twitter is an equally popular social networking site which allows you to post brief messages and information relating to your activities – be them personal or business related. Techno Web Mart offer to handle your Twitter account right from its creation, customization as per your business profile, posting and managing daily tweets and even providing you with related reports over Twitter activities and its performance.

Brand Management – Techno Web Mart offers to cover each and every aspect of your online business presence. Your website, your business profile, your professional identity along with the portrayal of your products and services on the internet requires in depth study, research and planning. We, at Techno Web Mart offer to extensively and intensively guide you through these activities, thus ensuring you and your business enjoy

  • A Unique selling proposition which is well defined
  • Your Logo and tag lines deliver right on the bang
  • Blogs and social media services are well on track
  • Deep link submissions
  • A well managed off line Identity status

Your business reaches and satisfies its marketing objectives all throughout the online marketing campaign. On the overall, your online business, its presence, its growth and its regular monitoring and management is well look after with the passage of time. With quantifiable parameters and in depth reports of each and every activity, you can stay abreast of your online business and related activities at all times.

When you entrust the online business and brand management task to Techno Web Mart, you can rest assured or quality internet marketing services and great results at affordable prices. ….So begin on the right note and stay tuned with the latest in online marketing by entrusting the right people to do the right job for you.

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