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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Techno Web Mart, Mumbai offers PPC consulting services India along with other Internet Marketing services. Pay per Click or PPC is a much more systematic form of advertising as it measureable and quantifiable. The PPC campaign can be continuously monitored giving it the winning edge over traditional and ambiguous form of advertising which has no concrete figures to state its claims.

PPC Advertising Benefits

Techno Web Mart does realize the powerful combination of SEO and an effective PPC campaign. The best part of the PPC campaign lies in its ability monitor and alter the campaigns in tune with market dynamics. Through this feature you can keep track on each and every bid and also on the ROI, benefits offered by PPC advertising are.

  • Keep track of site visitors and advertising expenditure
  • Ads are published immediately and hence you enjoy an immediate web presence
  • Control the ad budgets as frequently as you wish
  • Keyword Rich Advertisements target relevant traffic

How does PPC work?

Pay per Click works in a slightly different manner. You need to insert keyword targeted advertisements which are displayed on the search engines when someone searches for the relevant keyword. If at all, someone clicks on your advertisement, you need to pay the search engine for that click. Google, Yahoo, and MSN active search engines which allow PPC campaigns.

Setting up a PPC Campaign & its Management

Techno Web Mart offers to set up a PPC campaign along with its bid management activities. This entire process is highly technical and complex which is best handled by a qualified Google Adwords Professional. At Techno Web Mart, expert and well experienced Google Adwords Professional are given the task of setting up a Prior to setting up a PPC Campaign & its Management which includes bid management and constant evaluation.

PPC Consultant from Techno Web Mart will undertake the following processes

  • Website analysis
  • Setting up of PPC accounts on major PPC search engines
  • Optimization of Keywords and Ad Copy
  • Optimization of Landing Page
  • Daily monitoring of the PPC account and Bid management
  • Local Business advertisements
  • Brand Management
  • Submission of Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports as desired by the client

Special Efforts taken for Optimizing the Landing Page

We realize the crucial aspect of Optimization of Landing Page. Hence, the landing page of the website will be worked upon to offer a high degree of usability relevance. To put it in simple terms, the landing page will offer just what the visitors wish to see on it – the just right combination of images, information and their placement. The landing page of the client’s website will enjoy a subtle infusion of keywords which work their way in the search engine rankings as well. PPC Bid Management

We employ PPC Bid Management Tools which allow you to manage PPC bids very effectively. PPC Bid Management Tools can be used to optimize your PPC Campaign in all aspects viz. quality score, bid prices, times, gaps and even bid targets ensuring a better ROI at all times. PPC consulting services

Interested in setting up a PPC account for your website? Techno Web Mart offers valuable PPC consulting services at affordable rates. With guarantees of high success rate, Techno Web Mart promises to deliver enviable results each and every time. Do approach us for PPC consulting service and enjoy our cooperation and support at each and every stage of internet marketing.

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